Dia de Orientation. June 3, 2013

Yay! Today was such a great day! I woke up super early because i was so excited to go to school then went to school and had orientation.

At orientation i met Stephanie, my mentor here at UAM. She is awesome, i can’t wait to get to know her more! She showed me around the campus, which is bigger (and in some parts nicer) than Johnson State College. I didn’t take pictures today, i am trying to fit in a little bit…i mean the really white skin probably throws a lot of people off but i don’t want to be the chella con un camera (white girl with a camera)..not yet at least.

After the campus tour Stephanie invited three of the International students out to lunch with us and my spanish teacher! We had a great time and i tried a quesillo, a tortilla with cheese and cream and onions wrapped inside of it. SO good. We eat them in a plastic bag, first you take a bite or two, tie off the top of the bag, shake it around a bit and bite off to bottom of the bag and munch through it that way. It was delicious and so filling. (#3 new thing!) 

My spanish teachers name is Anna, she is from Spain and i am her only student for the  entire time i am here (how lucky!). We will work together Monday – Thursday 8:30-12:30 then on Fridays we do excursions throughout the country. Anna seems wonderful! We have our first day of class tomorrow morning! 

After lunch my new friends and i went to a cafe and hung out. We also went to go see Los Rapidos y Los Furiousosos  (I didn’t spell that right, but the fast and the furious) at the movie theater at the mall. They all are very cool and have really embraced the nica / managua culture. They also have a lot of good pointers! It was such a great time! 

I feel like i did SO much today and i only told you about a few things. All in all, today was an amazing day and i can’t wait to spend my month of June in Managua.

For all my visual friends, i did post some pictures with this blog. One, from the UAM facebook page. Stephanie made a status , just shows how awesome UAM is (and Stephanie too!) and a really embarrassing selfie of me and my new international student swag i got this morning. 

Enjoy! y bueno Noches! Good night! ImageImage


El Tiempo. Chellas y Rojitas.

I explored the city this morning after a delicious breakfast of huevos con jamon (eggs with ham) queso (cheese), jugo de narajas (fresh Orange juice) y pan tosados (toast). It was so much i needed to walk off all that food! I started by walking towards my school, which was not open because it is Sunday. So, i found myself walking towards the Centro Comerical (mall) which is huge, but also closed. Unlike America, people actually take Sundays off! But the supermarket was open and i needed some soap, so i purchased soap and a Rojita (cane sugar red soda) for an american $2.50. It was my first purchase in Nica all by myself, quite the accomplishment.

Despues (after), i walked around a bit more, i got honked at a million times and called “Chella” the Nicaraguan term for white lady. I sat down in GHOP (George’s House Of Pancakes), quite a funny name actually, and used up their free air conditioning and water while i read this amazing book about becoming a world wide citizen, and munched a little on some english muffins.

Back home my friend Brandon encouraged me to try something new every day i am in Nica. Day 1, i called somebody i never met and hung out with them as international students. Day 2, i ordered food at a resturante by my self, in spanish, and even paid in Cordobas (Nica money). Two awesome new things in two days! We’ll have to see what the next 24 days hold!

Today was a good day, even though its hot, it’s still lovely. And let me tell you, when it thunders in Managua, it thunders! Car alarms go off and the power goes out and it is AWESOME.

But, if there was one thing that stuck out to me the most today it was the Nica advertisements. There are billboards everywhere (see the pictures below) and the majority of the people depicted in these billboards are white, chellas! And the majority of people in Nicaragua, are not white, at all. After walking about six miles around the city today  i only saw 2 or 3 billboards with latinos on them. Maybe it’s the sociologist in me, but that doesn’t seem right? I will have to talk to the locals about it, maybe bring it up at my first day of school tomorrow! (YAY TOMORROW)

Enjoy the pictures i posted along with this blog! They are of la cuidad (the city) and my room in my host families house!

Hasta Luego




La Primera Dia, The First Day

Well, i have made it in Managua for one whole day! I have also learned that my spanish, really isn’t that good…but hey! Thats why i’m here. My host mother is extremely sweet. She won’t let me help her with anything and makes all my food for me, no matter how much i insist i help. 

Because school starts on Monday there isn’t much to do, so today i spent a lot of time eating mango and playing with my new puppy Popito, who is sitting next to me as i am writing this… 

I did end up calling an international student Anna to see if she wanted to hang out. And she did! Anna has been in the country for almost five months and is absolutely amazing. She told me the first few days were going to be rough, simply because the spanish isn’t quite there, you are new to a country and a different time zone and a whole new way of living. And boy was she right! I found myself getting frustrated a lot because i didn’t know how to say certain things or i didn’t understand what was going on, but its only the first day! There is so much to learn. 

Anna and i went to grab ice cream and chatted for a while about the country and how it works. She filled me with some super important tips and i can’t thank her enough. 


I also learned the route to school, walking of course. And trust me, there is nothing scarier than a nica driver…so i don’t mind walking! 


Tonight my host family has gone to a wedding, so it’s just me and poppito. I can’t wait to start school on Monday!! 

Until then, adios! 

Made it to Nicaragua, with no baggage!

Don’t be fooled by the title, i did make it to Nicaragua, with all my bags but no baggage. 

Yesterday was an extremely crazy day. I spent about 12 hours running through airports, changing flights, making sure all the people who needed to know where i was knew…etc. etc.  And it was on my final flight to Managua i reflected on the crazy day and how lucky i was to even be flying out to a different country. I counted my blessings and i was fine, back to being excited Kailie. 

But what is this baggage i speak of? In the book, Becoming World Wise by Richard Slimbach, Slimbach tells the story of Socrates. 

         “Someone once told Socrates that a certain man had grown no better by his travels.’ I should think not,’ replied Socrates, ‘he took himself along with him’.”

And that is exactly what i have decided not to do….upon leaving America i left and worries about paying for rent, any ex boyfriend thoughts and everything in between. The time for Nicaragua is now, there will be time to worry about those things another day. And i can’t wait to begin exploring this country.