Coming Home

I have started this blog about six times since i left Managua on Monday morning, it is still unreal to me that i am home.. The whole trip went by so fast, it’s almost like i was dreaming.

 I don’t really know where to start, i am suffering a little bit of culture shock and a little bit of homesickness. Yes, culture shock of being home and i’m homesick for my home i have made in Nicaragua. 

Nicaragua did a lot for me. I feel like i grew up a lot. I took risks, things i would never have done back home. The touristy stuff was fun, but it was the little things that really impacted me the most. The walks to schools in the mornings, the conversations about immigration with my host family, the people i met on the buses who were quick 5 minute friends that i will never see again. Those people that i will never see again, do they know they made such an impact on this traveling gringa? Who knows… It the things that i do not have pictures for that were the biggest part of my trip.

This trip has inspired me to do more traveling, learn more spanish and other languages, see the world and other cultures. I want to become a global citizen, and starting in Nicaragua was an amazing choice. 

I also have so many people to thank for this amazing experience, but i don’t think i’m ready to. I woke up this morning expecting to hear the busy streets of Managua and quickly realized i was in my own bed. That being said, i don’t think i’m ready to accept i’m back in the states, not quite yet. But the people who i am talking about, you know who you are, thank you 🙂 

On the last day of class Ana and i watched the Motorcycle Diaries. The last quote in the film was 
“Me, i’m not the same me, at least not the same spiritual me.” –  Ernesto Guevara. This quote stood out to me the moment i heard it and it really just speaks for itself.

Thank you for following my trip, i hope you all enjoyed the blog! 

And remember,

no tendre miedo nunca. 

Don’t ever be afraid.


-Kailie 🙂 


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