“..and this life is the story i have always wanted to tell.” T.K.G.


I went on a canopy tour! Now if you know me, you know i’m absolutely terrified of heights so i don’t really know what happened…..

There i was, taking pictures of plants (well trying) for my herb class i am enrolled in at Johnson State when i started talking to this older man who was waiting for these people to get out of their turn of canopy touring. We got to talking and he convinced me it would be good for my fear and i would be just fine. So naturally, i trusted him and did it. And boy, was i scared. But i made myself keep my eyes open the whole time and i was a lot of feet up…but after about five seconds in, i was fine! Fear = gone.


But this morning i realized i do not give enough credit to my spanish class and how much i am learning. My profe Ana and i work for four hours a day (monday thru thursday) going over so much. I have gained a greater confidence in my spanish in all aspects, reading, pronunciation, comprehension, everything. Before i came to Nicaragua i was embarrassed to even read in class (Senora Chase, you know what i’m talking about!) But now i have found a new confidence and love for the language and all the crazy terms and tenses it has twisted inside of it. So thank you Ana! and the lovely folks at UAM for setting me up with such a great program. I may not be fluent yet, but i am miles ahead of where i was when i first arrived.

Tomorrow is my last Wednesday in Nica and another international student from UAM’s Green Adventure program is moving in! I’m pretty excited, i’m going to have to show her around Managua like my friends did for me! yay! Then Thursday i have my final exam for Spanish as well as my final lunch with the lovely Mary Helen and Stephanie, a final night out with the girls and then it’s Friday. And early Friday morning i will be going to Leon with my profe for a fun filled weekend of exploration, volcano boarding (hopefully) and beach time. Then it’s going to be Sunday and i’m going to be coming home, packing and leaving. What? That doesn’t sound right….


I don’t want to leave! 




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