So i have been pretty busy the last couple days, and i have a lot to talk about, but that will all have to wait while i throw in my ode to Ometepe.

In 2011, i found out i was chosen to work with a team of students on a clean water solutions trip to Ometepe, Nicaragua. When i first found out, i was stoked! Clean water? Awesome! What a prevalent social issue in the world today. Then i realized i was going to Nicaragua? First thought that went through my head was, what? Where is Nicaragua? 

Then, 5 months later, i found myself amongst the most amazing people i have ever met. In the most amazing place i had ever been, doing the most fantastic work i have ever done. I am not exaggerating when i say, i cried so much on the last day before i left that my tears could have filled up Lake Managua. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was the culture shock, the village and the social issue that made me realize just how fortunate i am. Maybe it was the overwhelming sense of hope and joy that came out of every single community member we worked with. The people of Merida may not have a lot of materialistic things, but they sure do have a lot of the important stuff. Love. Hope & Happiness. I met some amazing people, some who i still are in contact with today, like Yeri! and David, and Kaiylie, Jamie and Alvero. And now i get to see them in less than 24 hours!  

I came back to the United States a different person in March of 2012. And now its June of 2013, and i am finally (yes FINALLY) going back to the same place that changed my life, and words can not describe exactly how happy i am.  

And that was my ode to Ometepe.



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