Fin De Semana Pasado


I went to the beach with my friends! I don’t know what is more exciting, the fact i have friends or the fact that i went to the beach! Kidding, but Maggie, Anna, Jess and i took a day trip into Leon. To begin this awesome trip we started at UCA bus station. And let me tell you, this is my first experience with a bus station and it was crazy. People yelling everywhere, taxis and buses flying through the little station, i loved it.


Once we all arrived at UCA we took a micro bus to Leon, about a hour ride cost us $51, a little more than 2 American dollars. In Leon we walked around a little bit and ate at Pan y Pas. A french bakery which just happens to be the home where our lovely UAM advisor Mary-Helens husband lived before the revolution happened and his house was seized. (Just a side note, i met Mary Helen today and she is a lovely women! UAM has the best staff. They are all so welcoming!) The cafe was beautiful and the food, delicious. I have to say i like Leon a whole lot better than Managua. Less people, it’s quieter and cleaner and i didn’t get cat called at quite as much, which is always a plus. We explored for a little while then the girls told me we were taking a bus to the beach. Now here in Nicaragua there are many types of buses. The buses that are like city transit, the buses that are small like the one we took to Leon or these crazy colored school buses that carry a billion people and usually have people hanging out the back of them…..we took that one, the crazy colored one and it was awesome. One of my goals for living the vida nica (living the nicaraguan life) was to ride on one of these buses, and hang out the side of them….and i did it (on the way home but i still did it, sorry mom!) Image

So we got to the beach, i believe it was La playa Soypoa and the waves (holas) were HUGE, the biggest waves i’ve ever seen in my life, topping like 12 feet tall if not more. The ocean was so wonderful though. When we weren’t getting carried away with the waves, it was so nice to be in warm water….beats the beaches of Maine, thats for sure. As Maggie said it best “There is no better feeling than being taken by a wave.” It was amazing, and we had the whole place to ourselves! With the exception of a few locals, nobody wanted to brave the giant holas. 


Later, we went out to dinner as a last good bye to Jess 😦 She left on sunday, because her time in Nicaragua was done….so sad! Jess is awesome. 

And sunday was not exciting at all, i am a little sick so i slept all day. It was the perfect rainy/stormy day to do so, so it works.

Today, i had class as usual and learned a ton, as usual. But i did discover a new artist mexicana. Check out her song:

Pretty catchy. Until tomorrow! Hasta Luego! 




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