Pescado Y Mercados

Today has been such a wonderful day! The sun was shining all day while mi Profesora Ana and i explored the city! We started at the old cathedral in Managua. After the earthquake in Managua about 30 plus years ago the cathedral was destroyed. All that is left is the shell. Everything inside has been removed, it is truly very beautiful. Image

We then went to El Mercado Humbles con mi profesora Ana. Ana and I shopped a little bit, learned some numbers in spanish and got to experience very large market. A first we went to the hand craft section which was filled with fun little things. After, we went into the food section that had everything from carne (meat) to mint leaves and papayas (as you can see in the picture below) ImageAfter that Ana insisted that we visit a chocolate store, and of course i was more than willing to go!  All the chocolate at Momotombo is organic and made right inside the store. We munched on plenty of samples and our own truffles for the road! ImageIt was nearing lunch time so we decided to go to a local restaurant that Ana enjoys. They were having a buffet special for 85 Cordobas or roughly $4USD. The food was delicious. We both had pescado, fish, that came whole (as you can see). It was delicious, as all the food in Nicaragua is, or has been so far 😉  

ImageAfter our day i met up with a friend from the Island of Ometepe on Lake Managua that my Break Away group and i met during our alt break there two years ago. Yeri is such a great guy! He goes to a university in Managua in which he had to receive a scholarship to go to. So very proud of him! It made my day seeing him! And even better, we planned out a trip to Ometepe, in the same village we worked at two years ago! I will be there all next weekend. We have planned to hike up to the waterfall on the island, get pretty tan and ride his families  horses! Can’t wait! One week from today!!

All in all today was yet another day in Managua, and a great one at that. 
Be grateful for all that you have and love one another.




One thought on “Pescado Y Mercados

  1. I absolutely love reading your blog.have a fantastic time….teach some rugby. See you in the fall! Viva nicaragua!

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