My Spanglish Is Phenomenal

Hola! Sorry for the wait my friends, it’s been a wonderful last day and a half and i have just been super busy running around Nicaragua.

School is pretty awesome, i never thought i would be so excited to go to a spanish class at 8:30 in the morning for 4 hours at a time. But my profe, Ana, makes it worth it. We get so much done, all in spanish, for those whole four hours. It’s wonderful! I think i have learned more in the last two days of class than the whole four years i was at Farmington High School. (oh burn) 

So, as you can imagine, it has been pretty damn hot here. We (the international students and some nica friends and i) spend a lot of time in air conditioned spaces, especially after we walk to them 😉  I have taken a liking to Tona, the Nicaraguan beer as well as the atmosphere of Managua. This city is absolutely wild, people everywhere, all the time just doing whatever they want. But they are also very hard workers. For example, mi padre nica, my nica dad works extremely hard, i’m not sure what he does yet but he always comes home so tired but yet always so eager to talk about our days over dinner! 

I am so lucky to be living with such an amazing family in a great location! I can walk to school everyday, it’s quite the experience. 

I can write so much! But i have to go! I will make sure to post more pictures as they come in 🙂 

adios amigos 



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