La Primera Dia, The First Day

Well, i have made it in Managua for one whole day! I have also learned that my spanish, really isn’t that good…but hey! Thats why i’m here. My host mother is extremely sweet. She won’t let me help her with anything and makes all my food for me, no matter how much i insist i help. 

Because school starts on Monday there isn’t much to do, so today i spent a lot of time eating mango and playing with my new puppy Popito, who is sitting next to me as i am writing this… 

I did end up calling an international student Anna to see if she wanted to hang out. And she did! Anna has been in the country for almost five months and is absolutely amazing. She told me the first few days were going to be rough, simply because the spanish isn’t quite there, you are new to a country and a different time zone and a whole new way of living. And boy was she right! I found myself getting frustrated a lot because i didn’t know how to say certain things or i didn’t understand what was going on, but its only the first day! There is so much to learn. 

Anna and i went to grab ice cream and chatted for a while about the country and how it works. She filled me with some super important tips and i can’t thank her enough. 


I also learned the route to school, walking of course. And trust me, there is nothing scarier than a nica driver…so i don’t mind walking! 


Tonight my host family has gone to a wedding, so it’s just me and poppito. I can’t wait to start school on Monday!! 

Until then, adios! 


2 thoughts on “La Primera Dia, The First Day

  1. So very excited for you sweets. No worries on being so frustrated!! You had an extremely long & tiring day of travel. When you are tired your brain doesn’t process as well!!! Look how wonderful you were to the little old Spanish woman at the airport. Do you what you did for her? You became her angel helping her to translate!! Wow, what an awesome journey you are on!! Love you. Kiss Popito for me 🙂 take lots of pics ~ Lou

  2. hey there! love you are posting comments. great turn around on the frustration, its hard so give yourself a break. In a couple more days it will be like you have known it all for a long time. Have a wonderful trip and hug the pups for me! adios amigo

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